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Hello WC Families,

In a follow-up to our September 21, 2021 email, we have yet another update on vaccination requirements to enter facilities to play minor hockey this season. Hockey Eastern Ontario (HEO) WCMHA's governing body, has just released the following memos detailing their new vaccination policy that will be implemented immediately. This policy covers all groups participating in the on-ice programming, whereas the provincial policy was focused on the requirements for the spectators. Please read through the documents carefully as there may be information in here that will affect the status of your child playing hockey in WCMHA. All of the information is located under the HEO Vaccination Policy Tab on the menu bar of the WCMHA web site

Key changes include, all those born in 2009 or earlier will have to be fully vaccinated to participate in HEO sanctioned programming (all events in WCMHA), this includes:

  • Players born in 2009 or earlier;

  • Game Officials (referees, linespersons, timekeepers);

  • HEO Officials (Directors and employees of HEO);

  • Organization Officials (Association and League Executives, District Executives, and employees);

  • Team Officials (coaches, trainers, managers, and equipment personnel); and

  • Volunteers serving in any other capacity.

All Affected Persons must present to WCMHA as applicable, evidence demonstrating that they have received the completed series of an accepted COVID-19 Vaccine by November 8, 2021, or earlier. This change effects only participation in HEO activities and does not overrule any local facility specific requirements or the rules that govern other hockey branches in Ontario or elsewhere.

Any affected person who has not been granted an accommodation and who has not received their completed series of an Accepted COVID-19 Vaccine by November 8, 2021, or who has not disclosed their vaccination status by that date, will no longer be eligible to participate in any HEO sanctioned activity until such time as they present satisfactory evidence that they are fully vaccinated. There is a defined set of documents that are considered acceptable for the HEO Accommodation Request – see the FAQ pdf and the forms will be available on under HEO Vaccination Policy Menu. In summary in order to play, volunteer, participate or spectate in HEO sanctioned minor hockey you must show proof of double vaccination if born in 2009 or earlier.

We understand that these are very difficult and challenging times for everyone involved. We kindly ask that you review the documents carefully prior to contacting us with any questions or concerns that you may have.

WCMHA does not set the guidelines, however we are mandated to follow them. Therefore, a friendly reminder to lead with kindness and respect when reaching out to our volunteers who are still trying to dissect and understand all of the changing requirements/protocols required to enter facilities our facilities. We will do our best to answer your questions in a timely manner and provide you with the information that you are looking for.


Your WCMHA Executive

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