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HEO Board Provides Update on New HEO AAA Program for 2023-24

The HEO Board of Directors is pleased to provide the following updates on preparations for the coming AAA season.

The new HEO AAA Board of Governors has been established, with Mario Paquette serving as the Chair. This Board will oversee the delivery of AAA programs in HEO.

Work has begun on creating the new HEO AAA League which will provide league programming for all AAA teams. The current U18AAA League and the AAA League will be wound down by May 1, 2023.

The HEO AAA Board of Governors is working on a plan to move all AAA teams to District 14, chaired by Joe Rubino. U18AAA teams currently reside in District 14 and will be joined by all other AAA categories in time for the 2023-24 season.

The HEO AAA Board of Governors has recently appointed Ryan Lauzon as the AAA Technical Director. The Technical Director will assist the Board of Governors in ensuring that AAA hockey meets or exceeds Hockey Canada standards, and in annual reviews of the program. The Technical Director will also assess the consistency of AAA program delivery across the Branch.

Planning and preparation for the new U16 category is well underway, with Cyclones/Titans/Wild/Myers/Jr67s operators working closely with the AAA Board of Governors to ensure the new HEO AAA program is fully implemented as designed.

U18 teams will also be operated by the Cyclones/Titans/Wild/Myers/Jr67s in the 2023-24 season. The HEO AAA Board of Governors will be hosting an information session in the near future for U18 players and their families to assist you with your planning.

The U15 player draft has been discontinued.

The HEO Board has submitted a request to Hockey Canada for special dispensation from the Hockey Canada U16-U12 Player Pathway Policies in order to hold tryouts in August.

For further details on the HEO AAA Program Standards, please consult the HEO AAA Reset Plan 2023-24, available on the HEO website at .

We thank the AAA transition team of District Chairs and the AAA Board of Governors for their work in implementing the HEO AAA reset program to date, and look forward to AAA hockey in the coming season. To all players, families and others who contributed feedback on the AAA program to HEO, please know that all of your comments have been carefully reviewed. We hope you see evidence of that in the new AAA program.


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