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Incident Management

As members of WCMHA we may encounter situations which we believe call for immediate attention. It is important that we follow the chain of command and direct questions or complaints to the appropriate individuals within our association so they can be handled appropriately.

If you find yourself wanting to bring an issue forward, the first step is to abide by the 24 hour rule- take a step back and don't do anything until you have exercised the 24-hour rule and any emotions have subsided.

Then begin with your Coach. If your issue isn't addressed to your satisfaction, then contact your Level Coordinator or the Director of Risk & Safety. If necessary, then escalate to the WCMHA Director of Recreational hockey (for house teams), the Director of Competitive hockey (for Crusaders teams) or the Director of Hockey Ops.  If all of this fails, the last step is the WCMHA President.  Contact information for those individuals can be found on the WCMHA website.

Any issues with regards to the league, opposing teams, etc...should be brought forth to the Level Coordinator, please do not send any complaints to the LCMHL President, Convenors or League Statisticians - they will simply refer you back to the WCMHA Board.


Please do not contact any Board Members of District 4, the Lanark/Carleton League, the B League or the Ottawa District Minor Hockey Association until you have completed the steps above.

We thank everyone for their ongoing co-operation.

Director of Risk & Safety  -

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