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Thank you to our Sponsors


Pro Hockey Life

At Pro Hockey Life, we are proud to support minor hockey associations across Canada. We've partnered with your minor hockey association for the 2023-24 season to further support minor hockey directly in your community.  
As a member of PHL’s Players Club program, we are committed to helping you take your game to the next level. Throughout the 2023-24 hockey season, you’ll receive exclusive perks, including: 

  • Members-only discounts of 15% off our ticket price, applied to 3 transactions of your choice throughout the season. 

  • 5 FREE skate sharpening’s, valid at any Pro Hockey Life location ($49.95 value) 

  • Community rack of Warriors and Crusaders merchandise at the PHL Kanata location. Date to be determined (hopefully by Xmas but this is a new program they are rolling out)

Warriors Apparel Examples  |  Crusaders Apparel Examples

*Please note, members-only discount and free skate sharpening’s can only be redeemed in-store with a physical player pass  
If you have any questions about the program visit your local Pro Hockey Life Store.  
Wishing you a safe and successful hockey season! 

Maverick's Donut Company

Maverick’s Donuts will be one of the key sponsors this year for WCMHA! For those that haven’t had Maverick’s, they make fresh artisan donuts along with locally roasted coffee and espresso. They have two local shops, one in Kanata North and one in Stittsville.  Here is an overview of what they are doing with WCMHA to help with fundraising and to add some fun and excitement for our kids and families this year.


  • Year-Long Fundraiser and Discount!  Maverick’s is offering a total of 25% discount to all players, families, coaches and other volunteers. When anyone purchases online with the coupon code WCMHA2024, or goes to the Kanata and Stittsville stores and give that code, they will receive a 10% discount on their purchase AND an additional 15% of the price will go to WCMHA as a fundraiser. This is good throughout the hockey season until March 31st 2024

  • Each coach will receive a Player-of-the-Game (POG) coupon for each player on their team. Throughout the season, coaches are asked to name the POG in the dressing room after the game. The player can go to one of the two Maverick’s locations to receive a free cake donut of their choice! When the player comes into the store for their coupon, any additional purchases made will receive the discount above and fundraiser above. 

  • For all WCMHA hosted tournaments this year, Maverick’s is providing two POG coupons for each game in the tournament. Each coach at each game can give the coupons to their chosen player. When the player comes into the store for their coupon, any additional purchases made will receive the discount above and fundraiser above. 

  • On any given day, if you organize a fundraiser ahead of time, Maverick’s can deliver all orders to the arena at once so that families can all enjoy the donuts during the games.


By supporting Maverick’s Donuts, we are supporting a local business who in turn will support our league as well! As always, we encourage people to shop local and support our growing community!



Since its formation in 2009, CUTSHIELD ™ has been an innovator in the cut-resistant category in hockey. Since the launch of our original product range, TNLH, 12 years ago, CUTSHIELD HOCKEY ™ products have saved 37 NHL players, as well as many others at lower levels, from serious injury.

After years of development and working alongside some of the biggest names in the game, we developed and launched our new products under the CUTSHIELD ™ brand in order to reflect our continuing legacy in innovation with the launch of the industry-leading PRO-AIR 4 product range.

We take pride in our innovation and in providing players with the best protection on the market today.

Your job is to play, our job is to give you peace of mind.

Shop from the link below and use code WCMHA for your discount (25%).


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